Muc-Off Drivetrain Brush: Triangular, All-Purpose – MON-295-CT


Muc-Off Bike Cleaning Brushes and Tools. Features: Tools of the trade to keep your whip spic and span Brushes sold in 3 different sets or individually 8 in 1 Bicycle Cleaning Kit includes: 1L Bike Cleaner, 500ml Bike Protect, wash bucket/storage tub, claw brush, detailing brush, soft washing brush, two prong brush, and washing sponge 5x brush set includes: soft washing brush, detailing brush, claw brush, wheel and component brush, and two prong brush 3x brush set includes: soft washing brush, detailing brush, and claw brush Two prong brush is great for cleaning spokes and cranks Claw brush is handy for scraping and mud de-clogging in drivetrains Drivetrain brush reaches the deepest and darkest parts of your drivetrain thanks to the long stiff bristles Tire and cassette brush features stiff bristles in a large pattern to make quick work of tough grime Detailing brush is formed to get into tight areas like hubs, fork crowns, and suspension mounts Wheel and component brush is shaped to clean rims and spokes Washing brush is designed with an oversized head and soft bristles to quickly clean frames without damaging their finish Microfiber polishing cloth is washable and great for applying frame protectants and polishes Specs: Description: drivetrain brush Hazmat No Air Ship: no

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