CeramicSpeed LongLife Grease: 10ml – CSGREASEOFFROAD10


CeramicSpeed Grease And Oil. Features: Designed to meet the needs of CeramicSpeed bearing. Maximize performance with the best maintenance products All Round grease: low to medium viscosity. Optimal use in dry and sunny weather, very little contamination threats. Recommended fill rate: 60-80% LongLife grease: medium viscosity with slightly higher friction than All Round grease. Use in humid environment and the worst riding conditions. Recommended fill rate: 70-100% TT + Track grease: lowest possible friction with Dynamic Viscosity Transformation technology. Recommended fill rate road: 25-30%, recommended fill rate track: 15-20% Pulley Wheel Oil: specialty oil for pulley maintenance. 1-2 drops on bearing seals after riding in wet conditions or washing the bike Specs: Model:Long Life Grease Size:10ml Syringe Package:each

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