Avid Pro Bleed Kit (Dot 5.1 Included) – 00.5315.025.010


This is the Avid Professional Bleed Kit (Dot 5.1) for Avid Disc Brake Systems maintenance and re-bleeding. This system contains everything you need to service, adjust, or install your disc brake system. The comfortable ergonomic handles make bleeding hydraulics much more comfortable than most plungers, making this system the choice for pro and race mechanics everywhere. Features: Improved sealing and durability New rotating metal hose fittings High volume hose with clamp Longer lasting Must-have for all mechanics DOT 5.1 fluid included NOT compatible with RockShox fork bleed kit Includes brake fluid, 4 aluminum hose fittings and 4 threaded hose barbs Aluminum hose couplings High-volume hose with clamp Higher volume, more durable bleed kit is perfect for shops and race mechanics Ergonomic plunger handle Durable syringe with replaceable seals Rotating steel fittings with knurled surface treatment Steel plunger

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